Oil Spill Recovery Equipment that works
Skimmer Technology is engineering and marketing Oil Spill Recovery equipment. Our mission is to deliver reliable products, based on proven technology that does the job. In addition to our own products, we can in most of the world deliver a wide range of equipment; All that is needed for a successful Oil Spill Clean-Up.

Our main product is the OP™OIL Skimmer Vessel.
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OP™Oil Skimmer Vessel - the world first Oil Spill Recovery Vessel approved by and international classification bureau (DNV), an unique oil-skimmer that recovers all oil viscosities, including oil mixed with debris, separates oil from debris and debris from water, with a huge capacity- 350 ton/2200 bbls per hour - and handles strong currents and waves up to 1, 5 meters/6 feet.

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OP™ Work Boat - a multipurpose fast (25 knot) utility craft. A versatile platform for use as pilot, rescue, patrol, inspection, support vessel for oil recovery operation, weed harvesting, etc.

OP™ Oil Barge - a portable storage for on-water recovery of oil providing additional storage for shallow water skimmers.

OP™ Weed Harvester - is a patented product which efficiently removes algae and water from seas, lakes, ponds and rivers.
The robust simplicity of the OP Weed Harvester can tackle the most arduous of aquatic weed tasks in a swift and highly productive manner. It is very maneuverable on the water and designed to be easily transported off the water. Operator comfort, ease of operation and health and safety are well provided for.

OP™ Weed Barge - portable storage for on-water recovery of weed.
Additional storage for OP™ Weed Harvester. Transport recovered weed, debris, etc. For lakes, bays, rivers, and other calm waters.

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