1 Fast response
One vessel with all equipment which
two persons need to collect up to 17
126 barrels oil from sea, with or without oil booms. Cruising speed 8 knot.

2 High capacity
This vessel collected 5 tons/31
barrels of heavy fuel oil mixed with
debris in one minute during a real
occurrence in Norway.

+ Approved risk management
 The first Oil Spill Recovery vessel approved by an international classification bureau (DNV).
3 Reliability
A skimmer with no movable parts in
contact with the oil prevents interruption
during operation. The system has proven its reliability during several real occurrences.

4 Align with natural forces
Use the booms to lead the oil, don't
try to stop or gather the oil. The skimmer
can handle strong current and works well in waves up to 6 feet.

+ eX-factor: Explosion proof vessel
Gas safe pilot house for protection of
personnel even when the vapor is not
explosive, but still a severe health risk.

Skimmer Technology AS
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N-4640 Søgne - NORWAY

Phone+47 90 93 89 18
E-mail: post@oil-skimmer.no

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